Sys Admin Guide to Livin' the Good Life
Top 10 Secrets to a Hassle-free Phone System

We’ve gathered input from sys admins and created a list of the top benefits that make the office phone system easier to manage. In addition to improving the way users can connect and communicate across your business, admins can get a ride on easy street too. With the right system, adding new users can take mere minutes and importing contact lists can be a breeze. Reporting is on-demand, so the execs can get the agent reports they need, without even calling you!

Here are just a few benefits we’ll highlight in this live demo:

  1. Move/adds/changes are incredibly simple with customizable groups and templates and an incredibly intuitive GUI with in-browser help.
  2. It’s easy to build feature-packed IVRs that create powerful call routing processes to improve the way your customers are helped.
  3. Powerful reporting tools are available to not only provide productivity and call information, but also give you real time diagnostic data at your fingertips.
  4. Digium phones provision with Switchvox both through the GUI and directly on the phone in under 60 seconds.
  5. Easy to navigate troubleshooting and maintenance features like updates, backups and security controls.

See how we take the hassle out of managing the communications network – watch now to discover the secrets other sys admins already know about Switchvox. 

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