How VoIP Can Solve "Out of Office" Challenges

Absent employees shouldn’t be a burden on your organization. With the advanced functionality of Unified Communications (UC) systems, maintaining productivity and open communications is a cinch – regardless of who is in the office.

Taking advantage of mobility features, such as converged phones and Find-Me Follow-Me, enables employees to maintain remote connectivity at all times. Altering call routing rules ensures clients are taken care of if a large number of employees will be out at the same time. And, temporary greetings and messages keep customers up-to-date with contacts in your organization and help provide a consistent customer experience.

Watch this new webinar to learn more about how these UC features and many others are vital to keeping your organization productive and connected, particularly as employees are getting ready to take time off for vacations. Matthew Hilton, Digium Product Marketing Manager, will walk you through creating an action plan for this summer and show you how UC can keep your organization running smoothly.

In this webinar, Matthew will discuss:
  • How to utilize mobility options for on-the-go and remote employees
  • How to route calls more efficiently with IVRs and auto attendants
  • How to increase customer success with call queues and temporary greetings
  • How UC alleviates the pressure of new regulations for employees working outside of office hours
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