BYOD Causing Mobile Mayhem for Your Business?

Businesses are rapidly becoming aware that BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) is here to stay. A OneLogin survey of IT and business professionals reports that 81% of employees say they access cloud apps for work related purposes from their own mobile devices. For small businesses and large enterprises alike, the management of personal devices in the office can be challenging at best. Your company needs to understand policies, risks, and other issues in order to tame the potential mayhem of BYOD.

Make sure to watch this 15-minute instructive webinar with Digium’s marketing and VoIP expert, Brian Ferguson. Brian addresses the role of IT management and the risks involved with personal devices in the workplace and help you better understand how to manage BYOD challenges.

This webinar encompasses the many issues businesses face with BYOD, including:
  • Risks involved with BYOD
  • Common problems with employee owned devices at work
  • Considerations when writing a BYOD policy
  • Setting a mobility budget
  • Benefits of a BYOD policy
  • How Switchvox reduces mobile mayhem
Watch the short webcast now and find out how you can manage Mobile Mayhem with the power of the Switchvox Unified Communications solution.

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