Unified Communications Solutions for Education

Have you done your homework?

In today’s world, no institution has more unique and complex challenges than schools. Growing safety demands, unique parent/teacher relations, diverse staff and student populations, extremely complex buying processes and continued budget reductions - these are just a few of the issues presenting schools with substantial problems, with limited resources for solutions.

For schools looking to solve their communications challenges, there is a technology upgrade that can have a significant impact, and still fit within a shoestring budget. With mobility, collaboration tools, and simple management, a modern Unified Communications system is the simplest and most cost-effective way to improve communications for almost any job role in the school.

Join our VoIP experts for our webinar, “Have You Done Your Homework Yet?” to see how Digium’s award-winning UC system, Switchvox, is changing the way teachers, administrators, and IT staff communicate. In this webinar you will learn how Switchvox can:
  • Improve the safety in your school
  • Create better parent/teacher relations
  • Untether your staff from their desks with mobility features
  • Easily integrate with existing equipment
  • Save money by providing several deployment options to best suit your campus layout
  • Save time by automating mass communications during weather events or emergencies
  • And much more!
Do your homework with us! And see how to get the answers to your communications problems with Switchvox and Switchvox Cloud.
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