Transform Your School Communications with Mobility & UC

Schools have many communications challenges when it comes to their phone systems. IT staffs are often stuck trying to patch together legacy systems and figure out how to add much-needed features like mobility, automation, and collaboration; while administrators are left to deal with the challenge of using ever-shrinking budgets to implement a new, modern communications system.

The right phone system should not only be affordable and easy to deploy and maintain, but it should include mobility - a feature that school systems depend on for productivity, flexibility and security.


Whether in a K-12 or postsecondary/university campus environment, Unified Communications (UC) systems are truly changing the way all levels of educational institutions are communicating, and there is one feature in particular driving these improvements - mobility. Administrators, teachers, and school IT staffs are more efficient, flexible, and visible when mobile UC applications are deployed. What does it take for a successful integration of mobile UC apps into your communications system?
Join our VoIP expert, Brian Ferguson, for Digium’s on-demand webinar, “Transform the Way Your School Communicates.” In this 15-minute webinar, he will explain how mobility features in UC are solving the major communications challenges in your school.
In this webinar you will learn how mobility delivers:
  • Separation of work and personal life
  • Connectivity outside the classroom
  • Instant visibility of classes, teachers and other staff
  • A way to unchain staff members from their desk
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