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Hear From VoIP Experts Who Understand Your Unique Challenges

Put away your cheat sheets and study guides, this on-demand webinar is your ultimate resource for understanding what it takes to deploy a new phone system in your school or university.

As a school administrator or IT team member, you are often tasked with evaluating when to replace a legacy phone system, or how to upgrade communications for a campus expansion. And, no matter what, it absolutely must fit within the budget. Not to mention, you've got to sell your recommendation to other decision makers and be confident that YOU selected the RIGHT solution.

Before you tread too deeply into your next phone system project, take 50 minutes out of your day to hear from some VoIP experts working in the trenches every day. Our guest panelists, trusted advisors and partners for K-12 schools, colleges, and universities, have guided education customers, just like you, in the selection and successful deployment of next-generation communications solutions.

Topics covered include:
  • Common triggers that force an upgrade and the impact that has on the success of a phone system project
  • Overcoming road blocks that delay, halt or influence the technology selection process
  • Evaluating and properly prepping network infrastructure for the transition to VoIP
  • Overview of typical deployment options: on-premise, cloud and virtualization
  • Case studies: real world examples of other schools' phone system projects (the good, the bad, and the ugly)
Ready to ace the test for your next phone system deployment? Watch now!