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Find out if your phone system is working for you.

What if you could get 40% more done with your current staffing resources? Do you need a better way for your customers to reach you when team members are out of the office for the holidays? Are you looking for more efficiencies and better customer care in your small call center - or even with your receptionist? Now is the perfect time to evaluate how your phone system is holding up to the needs of your organization.

Whether you’re a 5-person small office, a retail shop, or a large manufacturing facility, your phone system should do more for your business and your customers. It should be solving business challenges, not creating them.

Join us for a special webinar to start evaluating how well your current phone system works and learn some helpful tips on how to get more from this under-utilized office resource.

We'll take a look at:

  • Reviewing Call Detail Records and Reporting to help with staffing challenges

  • Developing IVRs and Auto-Attendants to efficiently route inbound calls

  • Using Call Queues for higher levels of customer satisfaction

  • Providing Call Handling options to employees for the highest levels of productivity

  • Deciding if now may be the time to switch to a VoIP solution



Matthew Hilton

Switchvox Prodcut Marketing Manager, Digium

Matthew has spent the last 15 years in various IT roles working for multiple Fortune 500 companies and Value-Added Resellers.