Real Business Examples of Innovative Asterisk Implementations

If you ever needed proof of the power of Asterisk open source and what can be built with a simple toolkit, this is your opportunity to hear first-hand stories of Asterisk-based implementations.

We asked the Asterisk community to share their experiences using the open source telephony toolkit and they delivered! In this webinar, we’ll highlight those responses and give you a real look at what was involved in the customization and deployment process for each solution. Examples come from around the world and feature the use of Asterisk by a wide variety of people, businesses and not-for-profit organizations to help improve operations, enhance security, provide relief efforts and much more.

"Innovating with Asterisk" is the third installment in our four-part webinar series on the Asterisk open source project. In this webinar, you’ll learn more about these featured Asterisk applications, including:
  • Traditional communication solutions
  • Business productivity
  • Security
  • Education, Government, Non-Profits, and Healthcare
  • And much more!
We will also be joined by a special guest speaker, Jay Reeder, CEO of VoiceNation. Jay will share VoiceNation’s Asterisk story and use of the software to build their open source answering service software, OpenAnswer.
Don't miss this webinar! The power of Asterisk is truly astounding and learning the innovative ways this open source telephony toolkit has been used to solve business challenges, improve performance and save money is sure to inspire your next communications project.

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