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Find out the difference in Digium's VoIP Gateways.

Tired of cumbersome and expensive gateways that drive up your purchase and administration costs? Whether simply converting TDM to SIP, or a more complex gateway application, Digium has the answer with a full line of Asterisk-based turnkey gateways specifically designed for easy setup and configuration.

The intuitive Digium graphical user interface will have you up and running in just a few minutes, and the embedded, no-moving-parts design will ensure your Digium gateway will stand the test of time.

In this webinar, we will cover:

  • GUI-based installation
  • Adding SIP to a legacy PBX
  • Determining PRI connection for VoIP PBX systems
  • VoIP gateways and PBX migrations
  • Failover call routing
  • Adding PSTN connectivity to a virtualized PBX
  • Protocol transcoding
  • Features and benefits of Digium Gateways

Learn more about this powerful lineup of VoIP gateways and the applications that can help you connect more easily.