Understanding the Benefits of Virtualization

Less is more. Get more performance out of less hardware. No trickery involved, just virtualization. 

For years it’s been a relatively simple process whenever you add a new piece of technology. Purchase the hardware. Run the wires. Power it up. Configure it. Deal with “cleaning it up” later. And then the next project comes along and you repeat the process all over again. Before you know it you’ve got a server or data closet that’s a physical mess, difficult to work in, and often times, each piece of hardware is underutilized for one task.

Of course, usually there’s a maintenance window where the physical cleanup happens. Wires are reorganized and labeled. Cables are neatly wire-wrapped, servers re-organized and perhaps even the old, powered-off servers are removed. But ultimately, this is all “on top” as they say. It looks pretty, but your production environment is still full of underutilized and chaotic servers at various patch-levels and efficiency. 

Now is a great time to take stock and plan for the true way to reorganize and optimize your data closet. Follow along as Matthew Hilton, VoIP Engineer and former Senior Systems (Server/Virtualization) Engineer, provides tips and tricks on how to make the most out of your data closet.

During this webinar, you'll learn how to:
  • Assess your current environment
  • Plan for virtualization
  • Address concerns about virtualization being too hard or too complicated
  • Combat arguments that virtualization is too costly, is only for large enterprise, or isn’t justified for your organization
  • Roll out virtualization without disrupting your current infrastructure
Register now and discover just how easy it is to ultimately clean out that data closet - for good.

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