Making the Right Choice for Your Business Communications

Everyone has experienced buyer’s remorse at some time or another, but there’s nothing worse than championing a solution for your company, getting approval for the purchase, and then realizing it wasn’t the right fit for your organization. You think you’ve done your due diligence when shopping for that new business solution or service, but after the final decision is made and the invoice is paid, you start having second thoughts.

Have you ever found yourself thinking?

“I wish I had asked better questions.”
“I asked about this feature, but it’s not actually included. How did that get overlooked?”
“How would I have ever known to ask about that issue?”
“I made the wrong decision. This is not what I expected at all.”

Our goal is to help you remove the worry from selecting a business communications vendor and making sure you avoid running into unexpected issues after the purchase (all of those gotchas that can lead to buyer’s remorse!). Join our VoIP expert Jason Mefford for our latest webinar, “Avoiding Vendor Gotchas When Choosing Your Next Phone System,” as he discusses some common mistakes when choosing a vendor and how to avoid them.

In the webinar, you’ll learn what to look for when evaluating technology vendors, including:
  • Hidden or unexpected fees and add-on costs
  • Bait-and-switch promotional offers
  • Solutions that aren’t able to scale as your business grows
  • Expensive renewal, maintenance and support costs
  • And more!
Watch now and ensure that your next business communications vendor is the right choice for your organization.
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