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Discover what's new in Asterisk 15.

Matthew Fredrickson will show you how Asterisk has been upgraded with the latest WebRTC technologies to support enhanced video conferencing and screen sharing capabilities. He’ll discuss how you can use Asterisk 15 to create custom audio and video communication solutions that seamlessly integrate WebRTC clients, IoT connected SIP video endpoints, and other traditional communications technologies into one conference.

You'll have a chance to hear about:

  • Asterisk’s new selective forwarding unit (SFU) technology for enhanced video conferencing

  • How to integrate new video functionality into existing ARI applications

  • A freely available example video conferencing client for your browser

  • Newly added WebRTC technologies for better interoperability with video streams and endpoints

  • Plus! A general status update of the Asterisk project


Matthew Frederickson

Project Lead for Asterisk, Sangoma

Matthew has worked at Sangoma since 2001 and has made substantial contributions to the Asterisk project. He wrote Sangoma’s SS7 stack, libss7, as well as maintained and further developed its ISDN stack. He also wrote a number of DAHDI drivers and maintained the DAHDI project for many years.