Are you making the right impression with customers and prospects?

Your company’s success is directly linked to its reputation – and it begins with the first interaction a customer has with you.   

The ability to build a solid reputation is based on developing the appropriate behaviors and implementing best practices. Utilizing the right communications technology helps ensure that every customer interaction is top-notch, and that you are consistently delivering winning first and last impressions!

The technology improvement that can have the biggest positive impact on your company’s reputation is a modern Unified Communication (UC) system.  

Switchvox, Digium’s award-winning UC has been changing the way Professional Services companies have been communicating for years. With features like mobility, automation, instant messaging and collaboration, Switchvox makes employees more productive and more efficient than ever.  

Join our VoIP experts for our upcoming webinar, “Is Your Phone System Making a Good First Impression.” We show you how the right UC technology can help your company make an impactful first impression, every time. In this webinar you’ll learn how Switchvox can:
  • Enhance communication with mobility tools so your employees can do their job from anywhere.
  • Provide automation to ease the burden of day to day tasks.
  • Tie into your CRM or database to provide valuable customer data for your callers.
  • Connect your distributed offices under one company umbrella.

Watch the webinar now and see for yourself how Switchvox can change they way your office communicates.

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