What is Unified Communications?
Digium's SMB Toolkit Helps You Understand UC.

New! A growing number of small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) are realizing the benefits of a Unified Communications (UC) solution. Yet, many businesses are still trying to sort through the clutter to understand what UC really means and exactly how it can help their organizations be more competitive, efficient, and still save them significant money on the cost of their business phone system.

Download the new SMB VoIP Advisor Toolkit: Understanding the Basics of Unified Communications to get a detailed overview of UC.

What's in the Toolkit
  1. White Paper "Understanding Unified Communications" - reviews trends impacting SMBs and the five essential benefits of UC for businesses

  2. eBook "Decoding Business Phone Basics" - key terms to know when evaluating UC solutions and a look at how business-critical applications are integrated with UC solutions

  3. eBook "UC Customer Success Stories" - case studies from other SMBs who have successfully put UC to work in their organizations - saving thousands of dollars, while also improving business operations and customer service.

  4. Cheat Sheet "Decoding Business Phone Basics" - handy reference sheet of additional IP telephony terms to know
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