The Smartest Phones for Your Asterisk Install

VoIP deployments can be difficult and time-consuming. Traditional IP phone provisioning requires battling with tools that are overly complicated for the task. And, when users finally do get a new phone on their desk, it just doesn't behave the way they need it to.

But, what if IP phones could be made easy?

With auto-provisioning and tight integration with Asterisk - the world's most popular open source communications software, you can deploy Digium IP phones in minutes instead of days. Additionally, just like Asterisk itself, Digium IP phones are highly customizable. This means you can deliver a solution truly designed for the needs of your customers or business.

In this information packed, 1/2 hour webinar, Billy Chia, Asterisk marketing manager for Digium, will show you how Digium IP phones tightly integrate with Asterisk to give you more value. Topics include:
  • Auto-provisioning with the Digium Phone Module for Asterisk (DPMA)
  • Native phones apps for intuitive user workflow
  • Custom phone apps via Digium's JavaScript API
  • Smart BLF (Busy Lamp Field) - the power of Asterisk at the press of a button

Join us for this quick and informative webinar. You will learn how to cut time on VoIP deployments and provide real value to your business or end users. Sys Admins become IT heroes when they use Digium, and Asterisk Integrators will earn repeat business from satisfied customers. Watch today!
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