Customizing Business Phone Apps with the Digium Phone API

Want to build custom apps for your Digium IP phone? Whether you use Asterisk or Switchvox, the freely available Phone API allows developers to customize the user experience. Want to see real-world examples of how to take your CRM app to your desk phone? We'll show you how.

In this webinar, VoIP experts Sean Pimental and Billy Chia walk through the ins and outs of the Digium Phone App Engine API. More than simple XML browser pages, the Digium Phone App Engine allows powerful native apps to run directly on your IP phone written by using simple set JavaScript APIs. You'll learn everything you need to know to get started building custom business phone apps.

Topics covered include:

  • What makes Digium's Phone App Engine Different
  • How Business Apps Help in Your Niche
  • JavaScript API vs XML Browser Pages
  • The Anatomy of a Business Phone App
  • Developer and Non-Developer Resources

See how easy it is to use the free phone API to build a custom app for your Digium phone. 

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