Build Powerful Applications for Asterisk with ARI

The ARI (Asterisk REST Interface) is perhaps the most important enhancement to Asterisk in the past decade. It exposes virtually all of the low-level internal capabilities of Asterisk over a standard RESTful interface. This means that you don’t have to know C to build applications that take advantage of the power of Asterisk. With ARI, you have direct control over endpoints, channels, bridges, and other core structures - all from the comfort of your preferred high-level language.

This one-hour introduction will take you through
the process of enabling ARI, creating a connection and receiving events, and building a basic ARI application in three different languages: JavaScript / Node.js, Python and PHP. The principles covered will apply to any programming language or development framework.

Topics covered include:
  • Enabling ARI in Asterisk
  • Endpoints, channels and bridges
  • Subscribing to ARI events
  • Interfacing with the Dialplan
  • Exploring ARI using Swagger
  • ARI wrapper libraries
Watch now and discover the power of Asterisk’s latest and greatest interface.

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