Hosted or Premises-based Phone Systems: Which VoIP Solution is Right for Your Business?

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Transitioning your phone system to the cloud can be an easy and affordable alternative to a traditional, on-site IP PBX.  But is it the best solution for your business? This new guide, “Hosted vs. On-premises UC: Which is Right for Your Business” helps explain the key differences between the two options.

The guide also includes the Top 10 Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Business Phone System. And it answers some of the most common questions when considering a hosted solution. Here are just a few examples:
  • When choosing a hosted solution, will you sacrifice call quality?
  • Is hosted cheaper? How does the initial investment and long-term ROI compare between solutions?
  • Does a hosted solution mean you have to give up access to some business-critical Unified Communications (UC) features?
  • If you have multiple locations or remote employees, should you consider a hybrid solution of both on-site and hosted VoIP?

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